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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Abatocera leonina Wawoni 50 mm
Preview Acaloptera sericeipennis Laos 18 mm
Preview Acaloptera vitalisi Laos 30 mm
Preview Acanthocinus aedilis M+F Europe Centr. 20 mm
Preview Acanthocinus griseus M+F Europe Centr. 10-13 mm
Preview Acanthoderes clavipes M+F Bulgaria 12 mm
Preview Acimerus schaefferi M+F Europe Centr. 23-26 mm
Preview Acrocyrtidus argenteus Laos 8 mm
Preview Acrocyrtidus simiashahensis reductus Laos 21 mm
Preview Aegomorphus krüperi M+F Greece 15mm mm
Preview Aegosoma gigantea Sumatra  
Preview Agapanthia angelicae M+F Turkmenia 12-15 mm
Preview Agapanthia asphodeli Marocco 16 mm
Preview Agapanthia cardui Bulgaria 10 mm
Preview Agapanthia cynarea Bulgaria 18 mm
Preview Agapanthia cynarea michaeli Greace-Creta 14 mm
Preview Agapanthia dahli Bulgaria 19 mm
Preview Agapanthia daurica Russia Ost 13 mm
Preview Agapanthia detrita Tadjigistan 16 mm
Preview Agapanthia irrorata M+F Marocco 16 mm
Preview Agapanthia lateralis F   14 mm
Preview Agapanthia leucaspis Bulgaria 10 mm
Preview Agapanthia soror M+F Uzbekistan 14-20 mm
Preview Agapanthia subchalybaea Russia 14 mm
Preview Agapanthia villosoviridescens Europe Centr. 14 mm
Preview Agapanthia violacea Europe Centr. 10 mm
Preview Agelasta birmanica Laos 21 mm
Preview Agelasta elongata Laos 14 mm
Preview Agelasta mouhoti Laos 14 mm
Preview Allidus biplagiatus Laos 25 mm
Preview Allosterna chalybaella Russia Ost 6 mm
Preview Allosterna tabacicolor Europe Centr. 8 mm
Preview Allosterna tabacicolor erythropus   7 mm
Preview Allotraeus orientalis Laos 15 mm
Preview Allotraeus spaerioninus Japan 15 mm
Preview Anaesthetis testacea Bulgaria 7 mm
Preview Anaglyptus luteofasciatus M+F Greece 10-15mm mm
Preview Anaglyptus mysticus M+F Europe Centr. 11-13 mm
Preview Anastrangalia dissimilis Laos 8 mm
Preview Anastrangalia sanquinolenta Turkey 11 mm

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