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Preview Insect Origin Size
  Pseudochalcothea virens
Sumatra 32 mm
Preview Rhabdotis bouchardi M+F Benin 18 mm
Preview Rhabdotops insularis
Lombok 20 mm
Preview Rhinocoeta Haematonotus hauseri M+F - NEW Tanzania 15 mm
Preview Rhinocoeta Haematonotus turbidus M+F - NEW Mocambique 15-16 mm mm
Preview Ruteraetia tubericeps
Sumatra 17 mm
Preview Scythropesthes bicolor M
South Africa 23 mm
Preview Stalagmosoma megastalactica M Zanzibar  
Preview Stethodesma stachiani servillei M Mocambique 25 mm
  Taeniodera borneensis puncticollis
Sumatra 20 mm
  Taeniodera minanga
Sumatra 18 mm
Preview Tephrae cinerea India  
  Thaumastopeus nigritus
Java 23 mm
Preview Trigonophorus pucholti M China  
Preview Tropinota turanica M+F Kazachstan  
Preview Urbania acuminata Cocos kiling  
Preview Urbania arrogans M+F Philippinen-Palawan  
Preview Xeloma adspersa F Zimbabwe 14 mm
Preview Xeloma leprosa F Tanzania 14 mm
Preview Xeloma pilicollis erythreana M Erythrea  

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