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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Mollynoptera multiguttata Tanzania Usambara  
Preview Mycteristes rhinophyllus
Java 21 mm
Preview Neptunides polychrous fasciicollis M+F
Zambia 34 mm
Preview Netocia hungarica persica F Iran  
Preview Netocia hungarica persica M Iran  
  Netociomima solorensis sumbavana
Sumbawa 17 mm
Preview Niphobleta dominula F Rep.Central Africa 15 mm
  Oxyperas spectabilis
Java 27 mm
Preview Oxythyrea albopicta M Uzbekistan 9 mm
Preview Oxythyrea cinctella M Greece 10 mm
Preview Oxythyrea cinctelloides M Greece 13 mm
Preview Oxythyrea funesta Czech Rep. 13 mm
Preview Oxythyrea pantherina M Tunisia 12 mm
Preview Oxythyrea subcalva M Alger 11 mm
Preview Pachnoda cordata F Mocambique 18 mm
Preview Pachnoda discolor M Mocambique 19 mm
Preview Pachnoda sinuata M Mocambique 24 mm
Preview Pachnoda thoracica M Yemen 26 mm
Preview Pachyprotaetia medvedevi
Sumatra 16 mm
  Pachyprotaetia mixta
Sumatra 13 mm

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