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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Aethiesa floralis M+F Sicilia, Marocco  
Preview Aethiesa mesopotamica M Syria  
Preview Anelaphinis similima M Ethiopia 15 mm
Preview Anelaphinis tigrina F SAR 13 mm
Preview Anomalocera glaberrima F India  
Preview Atrichiana placida F Mocambique 21 mm
Preview Atropinota funkei F China  
Preview Cetonia angulicollis China  
Preview Cetonia cypriaca M Cyprus 17 mm
Preview Cetonia kemali M+F Turkey 21 mm
Preview Cetonia laeviventris M India  
Preview Cetonia magnifica M Russia Siberia  
Preview Cetonia sichuanica F China  
Preview Cetonia sichuanica M China  
Preview Cetonia viridiopaca M Siberia, China  
Preview Cetonischema speciosa jousselin F Turkey 20 mm
Preview Cetonischema speciosa marchei M Cyprus 24 mm
Preview Clinteria atra tichyi F
Bali Is. 16 mm
Preview Clinteria flavonotata widagdoi
Sumatra 14 mm
  Clinteria flora
Flores 15 mm

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