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Preview Insect Origin Size
Preview Agnorimus pictus Vietnam  
Preview Agnorimus pictus M China  
Preview Agnorimus pictus tibialis M Formosa  
Preview Agnorimus pictus yunnanus M China  
Preview Calometopus nyassae E.Africa  
Preview Campulipus lignatus M S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus rufipennis F S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus rufipennis M S.Africa  
Preview Campulipus suturalis M S.Africa  
Preview Chaetodermina setosa M D.O.Africa  
Preview Clastocnemis colini Cameroon  
Preview Corynotrichius bicolor Cameroon  
Preview Corynotrichius bicolor M Cameroon  
Preview Elpidus hopei F S.Africa  
Preview Gnorimus armeniacus M Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus bartelsi Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus bartelsi F Turkey  
Preview Gnorimus decempunctatus F Sicilia  
Preview Gnorimus nobilis F Europe  
Preview Gnorimus nobilis M Europe  
Preview Gnorimus subcostatus F Transcaucasia  
Preview Gnorimus subcostatus M Transcaucasia  
Preview Gnorimus subopacus F E.Siberia  
Preview Gnorimus subopacus viridiopacus F Japan  
Preview Gnorimus variabilis F Europe  
Preview Gnorimus variabilis M Europe  
Preview Golinca davisi M Peru  
Preview Inca besckii Brazil  
Preview Inca bonplandi F Brazil  
Preview Inca bonplandi M Brazil  
Preview Inca clathrata clathrata F Peru  
Preview Inca clathrata clathrata M Peru  
Preview Inca clathrata sommeri M Mexico  
Preview Inca pulverulenta M Brazil  
Preview Incala lineola Siera Leone  
Preview Incala proxima Gabon  
Preview Incala tristata Zaire  
Preview Incala vicina Zaire  
Preview Lasiotrichius japonicus M Japan  
Preview Myodermides lepesmei M Fernando Poo  
Preview Myodermum rufipenne Schoa  
Preview Myodermum rufum S.Africa  
Preview Myodermum rufum gestroi E.Africa  
Preview Osmoderma barnabita China  
Preview Osmoderma eremicola Canada  
Preview Osmoderma eremita F C.Europe  
Preview Osmoderma eremita M    
Preview Osmoderma scabra Canada  
Preview Osmoderma scabra F Canada  
Preview Pantodinus klugi Mexico  
Preview Paratrichius 17-guttatus M China  
Preview Paratrichius alboguttatus M Nepal  
Preview Paratrichius albolineatus M India  
Preview Paratrichius bicolor F Tonkin  
Preview Paratrichius discolor M Assam  
Preview Paratrichius discolor M Assam  
Preview Paratrichius diversicolor F Formosa  
Preview Paratrichius diversicolor M Formosa  
Preview Paratrichius doenitzi F Japan  
Preview Paratrichius doenitzi M Japan  

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